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Coffee Brew Bag

Coffee Brew Bag

From degassing and grinding to brewing and tasting, it’s all part of the process and fun of enjoying a cup of coffee. With the drip coffee bag, we hope to offer you a simpler solution. Make a hot cup of gourmet coffee just like you would with a tea bag. Or place it in the fridge for a cold brew. The coffee is ground just right and placed in a nitrogen-filled packet, ensuring full and consistent flavor in each bag as well as vastly improving the shelf life.

Coffee Brew Bag 5 packs

6 ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe Worka Yellow Honey x 2 packs
7 ETHIOPIA Hamasho Natural x 2 packs
8 COSTA RICA Las Lajas Geisha Natural x 1 pack

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Brewing the coffee bag
Hot Drip
Pour 150-170 ml of 100°C water. Bounce the bag up and down several times and steep for 5 minutes. And your coffee is ready. Keep the bag in while you enjoy the coffee.
Cold Brew
Pour 150-170 ml of water at room temperature, cover, and refrigerate for 8-12 hours. Bounce the bag up and down several times before removing it from the coffee. Your coffee is ready to be enjoyed.
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